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You Can Handle It!

Dr. Rexroth regards the success of the human species and our ability to overcome illness, marveling that no illness has wiped homo sapiens out. Despite this success, the doctor muses, our society has allowed itself to become reliant on medication. Dr. Rexroth gives the example of the common cold: influenza B.

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Gut-Healing Melatonin

Dr. Curt Rexroth D.C. C.C.N. shares information regarding how proton-pump inhibitors such as Nexium, Prilosec, etc. reduce the body’s overall acidity, potentially leading to malnutrition, GERD, and even Alzheimer’s Disease. He goes on to discuss a supplement available at Welcome to Health: GI GUARD AM and PM. (Transcript available.)

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Steroids Block Your Natural Response

Dr. Curt Rexroth D.C. C.C.N. discusses the over-prescription of antibiotics and steroids to treat the common cold. He reviews how steroids turn down the body's natural inflammatory response which allows you to combat the offending virus. He also reviews some of the risks and secondary effects of long and short term steroid use.

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The Mighty Mitochondria!

Dr. Curt Rexroth D.C. C.C.N. reviews the roles of the mitochondria including: energy production, apoptosis (cell-suicide) and the newly-researched area of AUTOPHAGY: the signaling to recycle old cell parts into new cell parts. Dr. Rexroth reviews how sugar metabolism influences the body's ability to successfully accomplish these necessary processes and increases the likelihood of cancer.

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Body's Basic Energy Needs

Dr. Curt Rexroth D.C. C.C.N. shares a population study he read in Scientific American in which scientists found that, regardless of lifestyle, humans burn approximately the same number of calories per day. Dr. Rexroth goes on to explain basal metabolic rate and how this relates to weight loss, exercise, and health.

A full transcript is available for this radio episode. Email us at for a copy!

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"Bronchitis? No Thanks, Antibiotics!"

Dr. Curt Rexroth D.C. C.C.N. shares research from Medscape News, an article titled, ‘Antibiotics still over prescribed for sore throat and bronchitis,’ which details the over-prescription of antibiotics to combat the wrong strains of bacteria, particularly for the ineffective treatment of bronchitis. He also shares information from an article published in the Virology Journalwhich detailed information regarding the influenza virus.

There is a full transcript available for this radio show. Email us at for a copy!

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