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Some Notes on Opioids

Many individuals do not know that hydrocodone, Percocet, morphine, and other strong pain killers are derivatives of Opium, just as is heroine. There are 100 people per day dying from overdosing on theirprescription medicationin the United States. Dr. Rexroth pleads with listeners to not hesitate in questioning their doctors regarding any prescription they receive, particularly if it’s for pain, to be sure it’s not an opioid.

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NSAIDS Don't Work Long-Term

1.    Dr. Curt Rexroth D.C. C.C.N. shares several studies the AMA has published concluding NSAIDs are not an effective treatment for low back, neck, and headache pain, leading many doctors to begin prescribing opioids instead. The doctor briefly describes the danger of this as opioids are highly addictive and not actually very effective pain killers. Instead, Dr. Rexroth begs listeners to try chiropractic care first, which the AMA now accepts as a proven method (and more effective) at reducing pain and improving function without any adverse effects.

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Arthritis = Healing?

Dr. Curt Rexroth D.C. C.C.N. discusses generally what arthritis is, as well as how chiropractic care can address arthritic pain. While comparing two nearly identical disk injuries belonging to two football players, the doctor also briefly discusses non-steroidal anti-inflammatory use and how it slows healing by interrupting the acute and general inflammatory responses.

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The Mighty Mitochondria!

Dr. Curt Rexroth D.C. C.C.N. reviews the roles of the mitochondria including: energy production, apoptosis (cell-suicide) and the newly-researched area of AUTOPHAGY: the signaling to recycle old cell parts into new cell parts. Dr. Rexroth reviews how sugar metabolism influences the body's ability to successfully accomplish these necessary processes and increases the likelihood of cancer.

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"Bronchitis? No Thanks, Antibiotics!"

Dr. Curt Rexroth D.C. C.C.N. shares research from Medscape News, an article titled, ‘Antibiotics still over prescribed for sore throat and bronchitis,’ which details the over-prescription of antibiotics to combat the wrong strains of bacteria, particularly for the ineffective treatment of bronchitis. He also shares information from an article published in the Virology Journalwhich detailed information regarding the influenza virus.

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