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I’m glad I found this diet and Dr. Rexroth.

“This weekend I went to a three day cosmetology seminar on lake Geneva and eating was very simple. I took my protein bars, had the chocolate drink for mornings, and had salads paired with fresh fish from the lake. The diet travels very well. My friends hadn’t seen me since last year’s conference and they said I, looked great and was, perfect; but I said, No, I’m only half way to my goal.”

Moline, IL

I’ll be back here at Dr. Rexroth’s clinic next week hopefully having lost more weight.

“Before I started the diet, my eye doctor told me to come back to have a laser treatment on my eye’s blood vessels because they are breaking too often. After doing the diet my eye doctor told me my eyes look like a different patient's. The hemorrhaging has cleared up, and my sight has improved."

Moline, IL


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