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Life Changing Results

“Each day that I woke up [after starting treatment] I felt better and better. I am no longer pursuing the thought of surgery. I am pain-free, do my job daily, and can sleep. I would say that they saved my life. "


It was a refreshing experience and one I had not had with other chiropractic physicians.

“At my first visit, Dr. Rexroth allowed time to give my spine a thorough examination. After asking questions regarding the pains and discomfort I was experiencing. He also asked about my current general health; work history; accidents of the past; sleep habits; past chiropractic experiences and what I hoped to gain.

- S.H.

I would say that I’ve had a 90% improvement as a result of the treatments I received from Dr. Rexroth

“I have experienced a release from back pain that brought tears to my eyes everyday for 8 months. This has been bothering me since 2004 I heard Dr. Rexroth on the radio describing my symptoms and I made an appointment the next day.

- B.C.

My confidence has improved in attempting everyday tasks.

“Within five sessions I tripled my walking distance and I’m now walking up and down stairs carrying items such as a cup of coffee and laundry baskets instead of holding the railing. Overall, the pain-free tasks that I accomplish now on a daily basis has made my nickname “angry old man” a thing of the past.”

- B.S.

Now I don’t need the walker at all.

“I had to use a walker many nights to get to and from the bathroom because my pain was so severe when I would lie down. If it weren’t for the extra special care and kinds of treatment that I have been receiving at Dr. Rexroth’s office I would probably be institutionalized and having much more expensive physical therapy right now.”

- A.E.

I was a scared, “chirophobic.

Before doing any kind of treatment, Dr. Rexroth spent a great deal of time explaining how Chiropractic works, and what he might be able to do to help me. He did not make any false claims of a complete cure. He was very pleasant, light-hearted, obviously brilliant and funny. Strangest of all, he listened to me! The numbness in my hand completely disappeared after just a few adjustments.  My neck is tremendously better and my back is improving.”

- E.R.

I was determined to stick it out because I wasn’t going to be on pain pills for the rest of my life.

“What I want everybody to know is that its not going to happen with one or two adjustments. At first, the pain would come back a couple of days after an adjustment, but after a short period, the pain gradually went away and now I’m pain free.”

- D.P.

He has saved me many many times.

 "He’s like one of those pastors from a mega church. I fall down and he stands me up. Thanks Dr. Rexroth.”

- B.N.

The improvement is amazing!

“In less than two weeks I am having very little to no pain at all. I have so much more energy now that it doesn’t hurt to stand up or go for a walk. Dr. Rexroth has also gotten me on track to eating better. Now that my back and legs don’t hurt I plan on re-enrolling in college this summer. I would encourage anybody that is in pain or looking for information on eating healthier to give Dr. Rexroth a try. I’m glad I did!”

- Z.H.

Two minutes ago I had a headache at the base of my neck near my spine. I just had an adjustment with Dr. Rexroth and I can concentrate again.

- S.E.M

After just the first visit, it was like a light switch for my body.

“Following my treatments by Dr. Rexroth, I had more energy than before and I was not tired at work all the time. It was like a breath of fresh air. I never would have thought that all the problems I was having were connected to my back. I would highly recommend Dr, Rexroth to anyone in pain. Everything is connected to your back so before you take another pill to mask the issue, call Dr. Rexroth and he will help you find the real issue.”

- N.F.

Dr. Rexroth is an excellent example of what I expect a chiropractic physician should be.

“I would highly recommend Dr. Rexroth and the Rexroth Chiropractic Clinic to my friends and family if they are experiencing any discomfort that is relative to their musculoskeletal system.

- S.B.

Thank you, Dr. Rexroth, for your help in relieving my pain.

"Following the initial three treatments by Dr. Rexroth and doing the recommended in-home treatment, I could turn my head from side to side without the pain and discomfort I previously experienced. I continued to carry the headache medication with me, but that too, was no longer needed."

- E.R.

I deeply appreciate the kindness and respect with which I am treated by Dr. Rexroth and by every member of his staff.

"Before seeing Dr. Rexroth, I had no idea that it was still possible to leave any kind of medical office not only feeling physically better, but emotionally as well."

- B.R.

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